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Google Docs does not support large files and sometimes crashes while loading long article. Longer the article, longer it takes time to load article and more are chances of browser crashing, which is irritating, especially when you  are in between your work This article is 267 pages long. Hence no new content will be added to this article unless it is necessary.

Note: This article is too long (250+ pages as on 08-May-2016). It was originally published as a HTML Page and as a Blogger Post. Since this article is very long, blogger makes error to save this post. Hence we have created this website where this article is divided into many pages in this website.

We have embedded the article in an iFrame. Advantages are: 

  • Document will be auto updated to latest version. 
  • Links in TOC (Table of Contents) will work properly. 

Disadvantage is from SEO POV. Google may or may not index the whole article. Even if Google does index the contents of this page, it will not give them priority in search query as iFrame is a mere reproduction of a html page which is already Indexed by Google. 

Alternatively, Documents on Google Docs though they are published on the web as HTML page and shared publicly, google search robots does not index the article. Hence articles published via Google Docs are never shown in Google Search query i.e. as Search Results.

HTML version is the better option to read this article.

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