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About 'Us'

Note: About 'Us' is now a sub topic / subheading of Main Heading 'Introduction' on 12-10-2020 in docx and pdf file.

4.2 About ‘Us’ (Ourselves)


In today's busy life, which is quite materialistic, with money being the center of our life and so driving force behind most of our decisions, we have forgotten our goal of life. In this age of excessive competition, there is increase in stress and tension thereby increasing the diseases (dis-'ease's) of emotional origin and psycho-somatic diseases.

In this materialistic age, we have disconnected ourselves from nature, on the contrary, we leave no stone unturned to go against nature and harm it not realizing that sooner or later nature is going to give us back everything that we gave it and you will not be left with any option to escape it's wrath. 

In this money centric life, we have often ignored importance of values and learn and adapt only that which 'works' for you and makes you successful. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) may rise with education, but EQ (Emotional Quotient) is often neglected and is decreasing day-by-day as people become more and more 'professional'. A wealthy person need not be necessarily happy and a happy person need not necessarily be wealthy. Happiness is a state of mind and it is our birthright to achieve it. We all long for freedom and happiness. There is nothing wrong to long for them, what is wrong is to find them outside while it is inside. 

dharma teaches us how to achieve absolute freedom and be eternally happy. To achieve this Blissful divine state, certain rules, customs and processes are to be diligently followed with proper attitude. However, today most people are ignorant about dharma to such an extant that we do not even know the names of our basic scriptures says Kanchi Paramāchārya. To add to it, Mughals, Mongols, Muslim kings, Britishers and Communists have hijacked our glorious history, destroyed our rich culture and gurukul system. Britishers and Communists have made us to think that whatever the west has produced is all good and whatever is Indian is trivial, obsolete and inferior (to west). Britishers and communists separated Hinduism from Hindustan i.e. removed Indian-ness from India. Some of us even began to hate our own culture and blindly accepted western way of life.

Scriptures, namely purāṇa-s and itihāsa shape the way we think. They induce and nurture moral and ethical qualities in us. They teach us lessens of life and give us proper direction. They teach us dharma in friendly way. They instill faith in God and show us path of moksha. Our scriptures shape our mind. They shape our identity. They make 'us'.

Spirituality is direct dealing with mind. Mind is nothing but continuous flow of thoughts. The word 'dharma' includes studying and transcending nature (dharma) of mind, our duties, responsibilities and much more. Hence first step in knowing 'us' is to know the basics of sanātana dharma. There is always a reason behind certain concept, certain rites and rituals and certain way of life. The best way is to know them from Traditional view. Hence let us understand the basics of our dharma from traditional viewpoint.