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Release Notes

1. Release Notes

Note: This article contains sanskrit words in itrans or IAST format. Firefox recognises ‘a’ and  ‘ā’ as different characters while Chrome and it’s derivatives like Opera using webkit rendering engine considers letter ‘a’ and ‘ā’ as same. i.e. if you search for ‘shāstra’, FF will not highlight ‘shAstra’ while chrome will highlight both ‘shāstra’ and ‘shAstra’. Using chrome browser is recommended. Please read Transliteration key for further details.

Happy to Release on Sri Adi Shankaracharya ji’s Jayanti

On the holy occasion of Shri Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti, which is on 23rd April 2015, we have made an attempt to share basic information on Hindu Dharma. We will try to improve this article as much as possible.

Version Number Coding

Unlike Traditional Publishing where the article is typed offline, proofread and edited before it is published, the author directly types it online on Google Docs.

Since this article is constantly updated, its version number is updated in following way.

Version number is written in the format - x.y.z

x = New Heading 1

y = New Heading 2 or 3

z = Minor corrections, addition in an existing article and correcting typos.

Date of latest update is mentioned along with latest version.

Suggesting Corrections is welcome

Please note that this is not a complete article. Beginning of incomplete section is marked as [under construction] and end is marked as [/under construction]

There are some typos and inconsistencies. If and when time permits, we will add more information.

This article is also published on Google Docs anyone can comment it. Editing this article on Google Docs will require invitation from the author.

Please help proofreading this article.

Since this article is in public domain, anyone can suggest corrections. For further details, please contact indiaspirituality [at] gmail [dot] com (replace [at] by '@' and [dot] by '.')