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Jivan mukti, a unique concept of Hindu dharma

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Part V - Uniqueness of Hindu Dharma, Chapter 5/6 - Jivan mukti, a unique concept of Hindu dharma

This is Part V - Uniqueness of Hindu Dharma, Chapter 5/ 6

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30. jivan mukti, a unique concept of Hindu dharma

The uniqueness of Hindu dharma is that after permanently abiding in the ‘natural state’, which is the supreme state of pure consciousness, the substratum of the universe, Brahman is not bound by laws of nature, is free to live or quit physical or subtle bodies. Such a blessed soul is called as jivan mukta. Now there is no need to meditate in order to enter into samAdhi and abide in this blissful state, one is already abiding in this state without making any effort. There is no need to read scriptures, nor any need to concentrate on any form of God. By the grace of almighty, such a blessed soul is never detached from Brahman, sees everyone with an equal life, experiences constant bliss and deep peace. Such a rare soul, while still living in physical body has attained immortality. Such is the greatness of sanAtana dharma, the eternal religion. The goal is to attain immortality not by going somewhere but by abiding in the supreme state of consciousness. a jivan mukta has no longing for anything, not even for the vision of God, has a sense of completeness, lacks fear and looks to everyone with an equal eye without any discrimination of age, creed, gender or varNa, as s/he sees or experiences Brahman inside and outside everything. Each and everything is not different from brahman. But in such a state, teaching is this divine knowledge is not possible. Hence if God wishes to use such a blessed soul as his instrument, then God will lower his consciousness to a certain degree so that s/he may experience duality, but never allows the soul to detach from himself. jivan mukta is a perfect instrument through which God himself works for the upliftment of humanity, as there is no internal resistance to anything that God wishes to do through him / her. Such a blessed soul, a jivan mukta, never returns back to this impermanent world which of transient nature and is an abode of sorrows. (Ref BG 8.21, 8.23, 15.6). This means that the pure consciousness rises high and becomes one with brahman. Now this consciousness never falls back into delusion and never gets trapped in mAyA, the illusory creative energy of the Lord, but stays in the state of knowledge of True Self.