Sanatan Dharma

Six Philosophical Systems of sanAtana dharma

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Part III - Basic texts, Chapter 2/2 - Six Philosophical Systems of sanAtana dharma

This is Part III - Basic texts, Chapter 2/ 2

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21.9. Six Philosophical systems of sanAtana dharma

Orthodox systems are those which accept the authority of the Vedas, while the heterodox systems are those which reject it. To the latter group belong the three systems of Charvaka, Buddhism and Jainism.

The ‘shaddarshana-s’, or the six systems of Indian philosophy belong to the former group. These systems are called





Purva Mimamsa

Uttara Mimamsa or Vedanta.

The nāstika (athiest) schools are (in chronological order) They reject vedas:

Cārvāka – Believes only what can be perceived. Rational thinking.

Jainism – offshoot of Hinduism, Independent system. Some say, actual Jain Dharma is thiest and talk about Brahman as Jina Tatva.

Buddhism – off shoot of Hinduism, independent system. Does not accept vedas or God, theory of Shunya (zero), nihilism.

They generally deal with four topics:

  • Existence and nature of Brahman

  • Nature of the jiva or the individual soul

  • Creation of the jagat or the world.

  • Moksha or liberation and the disciplines that lead to it.